Wind Del Park  Sept 17 2005

Windham Centre ON CAN

Wind Del Park - Racing Velodrome

Located 30 Km south of Paris in Windham Centre ON , the Wind Del cycling Velodrome is the only one of its kind in Ontario. This track was
constructed almost 30 years ago by a dedicated team of volunteers. It has been the training location for many of Canada's top racing cyclists
as well as host to numerous Ontario Cycling Association events.

  Sept 30 HPTA RACE DAY at Wind Del

Park Located 30 KM south of Brantford

Track is at back of park

Race scores
Flying lap Speed trials R = 250 m Lap record Jacek Sochacki 18.50 was not broken at this event

Rider -                           250M     500M           1K               500 M Pursuit    
Bob Beechy                   21.59     43.41          1.29.41            DNR                     
Tina Kwasniak               23.78     49.06 1W   1:40.75 1W    58.32                   
Jim Iwaskow                  23.28      48.66        1:40.25            DNR
Mike Channon                32.65     1:13.00            NA            1:07.18                         
Tim Hicks   Sept 29        18.79     39.05         1:16.11           DNR     **NOTE ** Tim's runs are **unofficial ** based on non standard timing.
                                                                                                              (on Sat instead of Sunday) so we are taking his word for it :-)
Richard Dominick           26.63      57.94       2:08.0              DNR
KMX US - For the Demo trikes. for info .

The votes are IN !!  Wind Del is a home run for HPVs !!