Wind Del Park  Sept 17 2005

Windham Centre ON CAN

Wind Del Park - Racing Velodrome

Located 30 Km south of Paris in Windham Centre ON , the Wind Del cycling Velodrome is the only one of its kind in Ontario. This track was
constructed almost 30 years ago by a dedicated team of volunteers. It has been the training location for many of Canada's top racing cyclists
as well as host to numerous Ontario Cycling Association events.

Although the track base is in good condition the asphalt needs to be resurfaced. This project is estimated to cost up to 100,000.00 dollars.
Because of this , high speed cycling events must be held outside the province, hours away, and costing thousands more to host an event.

The ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION and the HUMAN POWERED TRANSPORTATION ASSOC. are partnering with other cycling groups in the province to raise funds to resurface this track. The HPTA  hopes to use the track to introduce high speed Human Powered Vehicle ( HPV ) race events to Ontario.

We need your help to save this track from destruction and bring our Canadian racers back home to train and Race.

There are two options for you to support this cause. The first is simply a tax deductible donation. There is no sponsorship rights associated with this
support, however, there will certainly be acknowledgement for these supporters. The second option involves a sponsorship / partnership.

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  Sept 17 HPTA RACE DAY at Wind Del RACE PICS
Racers of all sizes
Group shot of the various vehicles
Larry bowden crosses the line            Tim hits the line 500m

Roger 250 finish    mike trys tims python

Jay Dixon trys the KMX K     tim on mikes python

Larry and Jay drags  trikes

trikes in curve  trikes and upright

Race scores
Flying lap Speed trials R = Lap record Jacek Sochacki 18.50 was not broken at this event

Rider -                                 250M     500M       1K          10 lap Scratch race     5 lap scratch race
# 020 Larry Bowden             27.22     1:04.47     2:16.09          3rd                            3rd
# 219  Bert Rufenach             22.50       48.62     1:46.03          1st                             1st
#  286  Mike Channon           29.25        NA         NA              4th                             4th
#  044  John Murray               22.69     58.65        NA              6th                             DNF
# 279    Tim Hicks                  21.41      47.84     1:40.41          2nd                            2nd
#  10    Roger Jubinville           30.03      1:08.91      NA            DNF                          DNF

KMX US - For the Demo trikes. for info .

The votes are IN !!  Wind Del is a home run for HPVs !!