Wind Del Park  May 7 2006

Wind Del Park - Racing Velodrome


Pics To come 
I would like to thank everyone who was able to travel to Win Del park for the HPTA's first race of the year.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, with moderate winds, and great track speeds.
The results are posted below.

There was a new assortment of bikes and trikes to view. Tina was showing off her new HP Speedmachine, and Larry had a cool trike with 26" inch tires all round. Tim Hicks brought an assortment of his creations, and managed to crash and break one of them. Thanks for the entertainment, Tim.

A special thanks to Joe and Les for diligently attending to the registration and event timing. You gentlemen always make the races flow smoothly, giving the event a relaxed, fun nature, that I know everyone enjoys.

Mark your calendars for June 10. The Optimist club which now runs the park, is planning a sport demonstration event on that day. They have asked us to participate, so we plan to host next month's races on that date. By doing this, we will be able to demonstrate the nature of our sport, and also offer spectators a chance to ride the KMX trikes, and view the many varied recumbent designs of our member's vehicles.

It would be nice if we could get as many members to attend, as there should be a great turn out of local visitors.

The new membership cards have arrived, and we will be making them available to you soon. They are required, as proof of insurance, when riding on some of the trails in Ontario, and at all the races.

Ride Safe!

Bob Beechy
President, Human Powered Transportation Association


Race scores
Flying lap Speed trials R = Lap record Jacek Sochacki 18.50 was not broken at this event

Rider -                                 250M          500M           1K                 Team Relay race     Pursuit Race 1 lap     Unicycle sprint      Over all Winner
# 69     Tina Kwasniak        26.16 W       52.44  W    1:45.63   W        DNR                       56.04 W                                              Women
#  96    Bob Beechy            20.15  W      42.15   W     1.30.25  W       DNR                                                                                   Men
# 020   Larry Bowden         27.44           1:05.50          2:19.78              W                           
#  286  Kendra Hicks          29.06          dnr                 2:16.68               W                                                          W ( 3:26.82)
# 269    Tim Hicks               20.38          43.28            1:34..63               W                         47.62 W               Crashed ( DNF : - )
#  316   Steve Hicks            25.50          57.28            2:10.81               2nd                       59.84
#  123  Mike Channon         29.25           NA              NA                      W                           1:02.75
#  084   Reg Rodaro            33.69           NA              NA                     NA                          NA
#   366  Jim Iwasko             24.82            NA          1:49.44                  2nd
#   10    Roger Jubinville      35.62            NA             NA                      NA                       
#   101  Jay Dixon               33.18           NA              NA                    2nd
#    33   Joe Mitrovic            NA             NA              NA                     2nd

KMX US - For the Demo trikes. for info .

The votes are IN !!  Wind Del is a home run for HPVs !!