Niagara  Velomobile Happening

SAT/SUN Sept 18 - 19 , 2010

Sponsored by BLUEVELO





It has been a week since the 2010 Niagara Velomobile Happening.

It seems that the general consensus was that this years Velomobile Happening was a success! We had the highest attendance of people and velomobiles in the history of the event.


A nice range of activities have kept this fall classic organized and interesting, yet casual!

The weather co-operated so that we were able to have the highest number of campers ever.



We had an organized Velo email list this year.The 3 road rides had maps for the first time. There were several other new elements, including pre-registration, registration kits, and a "For Sale Area". We also organized speakers and volunteers more this year. We asked people to bring a shared snack, and gave out awards for the first time.





I would like to thank our event sponsor- Bluevelo!


I would also like to thank our event hosts- Reg and Kim Rodaro.

Without their willingness to play host site to our earnest addiction to velomobiles, this event would not be possible! Kim spent many hours preparing food for our Saturday evening BBQ.


We had a nice range of speakers this year who deserve a round of applause!

Rob Campbell: Trike E-assist

Larry Bowden: Carbon Fibre Trike Design

Scott Parks: Urban Riding and Commuting

Reg Rodaro: :  Velomobile Project Design

Carey Chen:  Cargo Carrying

John Tetz: Velomobiles and Weight Issues

Merrill Gay: Me and My Velo

Rick Wianecki: Me and My Velo

If you wish to be a speaker for next year or have a suggestion- please contact me.



These volunteers made my life easier. They were Bob Beechy, Joe Mitrovic, Gosse Van Oosten, Rob Campbell, Tim Hicks. I am always looking for volunteers and endeavor to have the responsibilities light enough that you can participate fully in the day's events.





We hope to develop a online post-event quiz for your suggestions shortly.

We are also looking for your feedback on any of these suggested improvements / positives ( see below) or other ideas you may have.

I especially LOVE suggestions and solutions when YOU can help make it happen ( ie volunteer and provide resources)



COMMENTS: ( Suggestions and Positives)


-  loved the low event price and sliding rate structure

- consider moving the Saturday evening ride to the afternoon ( better lighting and safety)

- make bike lighting mandatory for Saturday night ride.

- NEW name tags with location and bike made connecting much easier

- liked the "FOR SALE AREA" would like it more visible

- make bringing snack foods ( or contributing extra money) mandatory

- gather firewood for a campfire

- help organize carpools/ bike pools to the event

- have a single site with event updates and links ( event photos)

- improve ride maps

- make a minimum % contribution mandatory for " FOR SALE AREA"

- make pavement markings for turns for bike rides

- should we use the bike tags and how can they be more useful?

- have a schedule for volunteers

- have online payment for pre-registration

- have more information about general cycling and not so much velomobile- specific

- have more lectures that are not so technical and building-focused

- have the "FOR SALE AREA" price tags and forms available online so they can be attached before the event

- get vendors for the FOR SALE AREA to volunteer to staff the area.

- clearer more professional sign out front and at corners.

- publicize the event in other locations ( ie velo websites, online discussion areas, etc)

- liked the new AWARDS and CERTIFICATES!

- have a portable washroom outside

- liked the amount of lectures mixed with free time for tetstrides and mingling.

- get a cash donation from people who drop in for only 1-2 hours

- nice to have ride maps this year

- clarify stops for Sunday ride

- would like to see one website with 2010 photos





We have some people who attended, but have no email contact or did not make it legible.

If you know how to contact these people- let me know.

Ernie Crawford, Bill Carson, Tom Pekar, Rene Tardiff, Jeff Costanzo

If you wish to be removed from this list- please let me know





The 2011 Niagara Velomobile Happening will be September 17 and 18.

Mark your calendars now!

Start making the excuses to your work, spouses and friends!



Thank you all for making this event the success that it was.
Event Co-ordinator:
- Jay Dixon



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Come  join us in 2011 , won't you ?