Human Powered Transportation Association

Ontario, Canada



HPTA Display at the Toronto Bike Show 2006
Our best show ever. I thought Bob and Tina did a great job with the display and we had good volunteer support as well . The booth was very busy most of the weekend with lots of friends old and new stopping by.

Jack from Oracle brought the new Omega SWB to display. Bryan Ball from Bentrider had a lowracer on hand. Carey Chen from Urbane cyclist provided some sweet deals on some high end components for members at the show. KMX was very happy with our support of their trike and has agreed to give the club one more adult sport trike for displays. Murray Cleland and new builder Mike Swift brought in some trikes to show the crowds. We had something new every day.

Ice bike feedback . Lots of folks saw the Discovery footage, and feel we should move towards having a demonstration Ice bike event for the 2010 Winter olympics. We are now looking into the potential for a standardized race that can be adapted for International competition. ( 5 K Relay races, 1 K sprint, 500M Pursuit etc ).

THe booth is busy  The Show opens and ...les and bob splain things  joe  tries to look the partEnya guards blade runner  The Gaia trike
Les and Tina have all the info for you  HPTA Pres Bob tries the Gaia