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Steps to succeed in personal training

Being a personal trainer is no easy task, and if you are new in this venture, it gets that much tougher. Having a list of norms to follow can be of great help. Your skills do include developing workout plans suitable to client’s needs, planning meals, taking care of nutrition, but you must also know how to communicate successfully. This will lead to a wonderful client-trainer relationship. If you are a personal trainer in Toronto you can follow a number of steps to establish a successful career in this field.

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Planning for the future

Planning ahead helps in every aspect of life, it is no wonder then that it will work for you too. Prepare a questionnaire for your client for you must find out what the client exactly wants, and how can you help him or her. Learn everything about them, not just the physical aspects but also the emotional ones, such as how committed will they be to this new lifestyle.


The best ice-breaker is conversation. A little hello can go a long way. It might takes the nervousness off your client and make them more comfortable. Ask them about their life. Open up and help them open up. Being a personal trainer in Toronto I can guarantee this. This is also the right time to make your client fill out any paperwork necessary -a contract for example.

Discuss goals and how to achieve them

Your client must be aware of the challenge they are undertaking. You too must become aware of the client’s health issues and fitness level. Ask question specific to their condition and make sure you get to know how far they are willing to push their bodies. This will also give your client the idea that you are a good listener. A personal trainer in Toronto once spoke of his negative experience with a client who did not understand their body well enough to actually commit to a workout regime.

The workout

Next what you must do is put your client through a mini workout, kind of like a beginners’ workout. Get their height, weight, wait circumference and body fat percentage. Explain why taking measurements are necessary. Cardio exercises will help you understand their cardiovascular fitness. Meeting a personal trainer in Toronto did not go down so well with a client once. If certain pointers are not kept in mind, you will not achieve the accolades that you want.

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Pitch your sale

Once you are done with testing your client’s physical capacity, you can go straightaway to discuss business. You can suggest the ways in which your client may achieve their goals. You can present a training package at this point. Give your client different pricing options. In this regard I may add, availing of personal trainer in Toronto is considerably affordable. Look for a package that appeal both to you and your client. If you are refused, do not be disheartened. Follow up, make a call or email; and ask them how far along they are with their decision.

Following a few pointers never hurt. You can always modify these suggestions according to your liking but make sure you have a plan o that you may eke out your path to success soon.