Human Powered Transportation Association

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Ice Racing Rules


Rubber Only Any HPV, bicycle, tricycle or quad that has only rubber tires in contact with the ice.

Traction Aided Any traction and/or control aids will be allowed which, in the opinion of the officials, do not constitute a safety hazard.
Studded tires, sandpaper, perforated sheet metal, carding cloth, bottle caps, industrial strength ScotchBrite
and various substances glued to tires have all been used, with varying degrees of success.
Skate blades or similar are often used for steering.

Human Powered Vehicles only.
Vehicles with any supplemental power source are prohibited.

Membership in any organization is NOT required. It is understood that entry fees may be required to participate in an event.

All vehicles must have functioning, independent and multiple brake systems. Two cables to one brake does not qualify as multiple systems. Having brakes on all wheels is encouraged.

All vehicles must be equipped with functioning mirrors for both sides of the vehicle. ***

Numbers will be supplied for each vehicle. Numbers must be visible from each side of the vehicle (numbers on helmets are not acceptable).

Numbers must appear on contrasting background so as to be visible to scorers and judges. If a number plate is necessary, it will be supplied. Supplied number plates are 6"x 9".

A vehicle and rider are considered a unit for scoring purposes. Changing either rider, vehicle. or class requires a new number and registration.

Safety: It is our intent to make this event as safe and fun as possible so all participants must meet these safety requirements prior to competition or use of any racing surfaces.

Conduct: Due to the nature of the ice racing surface many vehicles will have studs or blades or other sharp objects to provide traction. It will be the responsibility of each participant to attempt to minimize any danger to themselves or others and not to act in a careless or dangerous manner. Any breach of this may, at the discretion of race officials, be reason for immediate revocation of racing privileges for the remainder of the event without appeal.

Safety Inspection The assigned safety officer will inspect and certify all participants to meet the following criteria prior to any competition. All participants will complete and pass a safety inspection to include:

    a. No sharp objects in or on the body of the person or vehicle that may potentially injure the rider or others are allowed unless involved in the drivetrain or ice interface.

    b. All participants must be able to start, stop, enter, and exit their vehicles without assistance in an ice environment. **

    c. All participants will be required to wear at all times while on any racing surface an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet that is properly fitted. These must have a sticker in place. *

    d. Any participant that uses sharp points (studs) or blades in the drive system that extend more then 1/4 inch in length from the surface of the part that touches the ice, and wishes to participate in any multiple rider events, must provide protection for others or themselves from falling into or onto this drive system during competition.  

    e. All participants will be required to have a signed release waiver before admission to any racing surfaces.

    f. All decisions of the safety inspector and race officials are final! There will be no appeals so work with them to make this a safe and fun event.


*An unmodified helmet , meaning that the original helmet may not be cutaway in any way. No solvents or adhesives may be used to add to the original helmet, beyond the recommendations of the manufacturer.

** To provide for introduction of this rule to non-series participants, any vehicles that require holders will be started at the back of the starting grid.

*** Helmet or glasses-mounted mirrors are acceptable. Multirider vehicles must have mirrors in a position useable by the vehicle captain. Riders must wear an approved helmet for all practices and events.

Entry Fees:
Each Vehicle will pay $25.00 for each day of racing. This entitles the vehicle to a number and number plates if needed and entry into all that day's races. All races shall be timed and/or scored. You need not be a member of any organization to participate, but must sign a participant waiver and pass technical inspection to race or ride on any race course.

Who Can Race?
The HPTA sponsored HPV Races are open to all human powered land vehicles (including standard bicycles and tandems).
Vehicles with bodies or fairings will be registered in their appropriate class. Female competitors are encouraged to participate in any class but also have the option to race in their own class if so desired. This series is designed to be safe, fun, and to promote good sportsmanship, while enjoying the spirit of competition..

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