Human Powered Transportation Association

Ontario, Canada

Ice Racing
February 8, 2003
Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

Races: Elimination Pursuit Oval - 2 races, 2 laps around an oval course. Winner moves to next round.
             Out and Back Slalom - Racers negotiate pyloned course as fast as you can. Best time wins
             Timed lap races - Everybody on the ice. Once the clock starts, get in as many laps as you can before
             the horn sounds.

Winners: Elimination Pursuit Oval - 1st Kim Gardiner 1:10
                                                              2nd James Gardiner 1:13
                                                              3rd Tandem - Joe and Bruce 1:22
                 Out and Back Slalom -        1st Rob Wazny 33 sec.
                                                              2nd Tandem - Joe Mitrovic/Richard Pickering 44 sec.
                                                              3rd Kim/James Gardiner 52 sec. (tied)
                 Traction Aids 10 min -         1st place Rob Wazny - 20 laps (included 1 lap corner cutting penalty)
                                                              2nd -
James Gardiner - 17 laps
                                                               3rd -  Kim Gardiner - 14 laps
                  Non Traction aids 5 min results - Mike Channon - 8 (x2) 2nd place
                                                                        Jay Dixon - 7
                                                                       Tandem - Richard Dominick/Rosanne Wazny - 7

Click here to view the racing rules.

    Joe and Bruce on the sociable                    Mike, Jay and James at centre ice.
                                                                             Rob Wazny try's the slalom

            Kim pilots great white to Pursuit oval win             Mike Channon's FWD delta                            

Unstudded Jay spins and spins and    Kim Gardner forces Rob to take a corner
  spins on her Greenspeed.  A lot of      cutting lap penalty Rob still won the race
miles and no distance :-)                                                                                

James Gardner sliding into the boards                Rob Wazny and the "Icepole"        

Winners Circle.
This was too much fun.

Thanks to Tina for scorekeeping.  Great Job! 

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