Human Powered Transportation Association

Ontario, Canada

Human Powered Ice Racing
Brantford Ontario
Sunday February 3, 2008

Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre  1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
 Awards presentation -  5:00  PM

Races: Elimination Pursuit Oval - 2 races, 2 laps around an oval course. Winner moves to next round.
             Out and Back Slalom - Racers negotiate pyloned course as fast as you can. Best time wins
             Timed lap races - Everybody on the ice. Once the clock starts, get in as many laps as you can before
             the horn sounds.
Team relay -  teams of riders race to tag their mates and complete their assigned laps first.
Who wins? - The team that wants it the most.

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Hi everyone!
The 2008 H.P.T.A. Ice Bike races started with a few new faces this year. It is always nice when we attract new racers to our events. They seemed to really enjoy themselves while they were being challenged by the slippery ice, the course designs, and by some seasoned H.P.T.A. racers. Smiles and laughs abounded from everyone, and that is what our events are all about. Fun!  
Les and Joe worked hard to keep the races on track, and I am glad to see that Joe also had the opportunity to race. We missed a few of our regular racers from the farther regions. Many of them have been racing with us for many years, so when they cannot make the race, the loss of their competition and friendship, is greatly felt.
The H.P.T.A. owes a tremendous gratitude to our sponsor, Ken Dobson, of Brantford. I have known Ken for many years, and he is always finding ways to help his community. He had recently seen us on the Discovery Channel, and was impressed by what our club was trying to do. When I called him and asked for his help, he did not hesitate to generously sponsor us for the ice time, which allowed us to host this year's race. Thank you very much, Ken, and thanks to the companies that you represent. 
I noticed that we had quite a few unsolicited spectators. They seemed to have strayed away from the hockey games, just to watch us! I remember hearing someone say: " Hey look, it's the ice bikes again!". Yes, they do remember us! From the crowds I saw up in the gallery, I would say we are really becoming a sport that the general public is finding a joy to  watch. I make this observation, because the crowds didn't disperse quickly. The people stayed and watched us for a long time, not like in the previous years, when we seemed to be just a novelty to them. They really enjoy watching our sport!
If they only knew how much fun we have doing it!!! 
Safe riding!
Bob Beechy
Human Powered Transportation Association
Race summary:  My ride, the 'Blade Runner' was in top form, as always, even though, I wasn't.
 (In humour.)       Richard had his ritual equipment breakdown. Go Richard!
                         I'm not sure if Patrick had more fun lending out his tools, losing to me!!!, or tying Tina's feet to her 'Icecycle'.
                         New racer Bob Ullman was slip-sliding away on his used factory studded tires. Shall we tell him that wood screws work better, and blades add stability? 
                         Tina, made a crashing entrance! By flipping her ride twice in the first two runs, her steed was finally tamed and led her victory!
                         Joe, may I suggest more studs next time. Spinning a tire at the starting line digs a hole which slows your launch speed...OK, so it makes you look 'cool'.
                         To all the ghost riders, please affix your race numbers next time, so we may identify you!
                         Oh, and Les, don't forget to deposit the money!

Race Results

Race scores                     Slalom -    Place        Elimination      Place    5  Min Lap Place         Overall Place
                                      Best time                        Pursuit                             Laps                       (combined times)

Patrick McKeowan         17.72                3               39.25                  1                 12           2                  2 M

Bob Beechy                     16.74                1               38.70                  2                14            1                  1M

Richard Dominic              16.99               2                46.92                  3                 12            3                 3 M

Bob Ullman                       30.9                                  1:03.52                                   9                              

Tina Kwasniak                 16.00              1 W            40.62                1W                13          1W              1 W

Joe Mitrovic                     27.71                                1:02:20                                    9           

Bob Slalom B Ullman Upright Slalom

Bob Ullman on trike Bladerunner

Bob Laps Bob Pursuit

Bob sets up camera icecycle

laps pat Joe laps

Pat Pursuit richard slalom

tina pursuit

Ice Racers 2008

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