Human Powered Transportation Association

Ontario, Canada

Human Powered Ice Racing
Brantford Ontario
February 5, 2006

Out and Back Slalom - Racers negotiate pyloned course as fast as you can. Best time wins
 Elimination Pursuit Oval - 2 races, 2 laps around an oval course. Winner moves to next round.
 Timed lap races - Everybody on the ice. Once the clock starts, get in as many laps as you can before time runs out.

Race Report :

Wow! What a day!

Again, I want to thank everyone who attended this years Ice Bike Race. It was great to see some new machines, and new racers. Your continued support will help this sport grow!

It was a busy afternoon for our organizers and volunteers, and I want them to know that their enduring efforts were very much appreciated. Thanks to Tina Kwasniak , Joe Mitrovic, Les Sutch, Ernie Crawford, Pat Kwasniak for all the hours of work that went into the planning of this event. We had a great turn out of competitors and new machines, some fast times, and a few crashes, but no one got hurt. For those of you who traveled many miles to join us, I send a special thank you, as I acknowledge the additional expense that you must incur for travel costs. I know our score keepers were under a lot of pressure at the end day to tally up the results of all those seconds and tenths of a second, and it was difficult for them. If we could just find some more volunteers.....:) I apologize to our women racers for the error in the overall winner's title. You both put in a great effort, and we wanted to recognize that achievement. So, after a re-count of the points, it did result in a tie. It would be wonderful if we could convince more women to compete! Spread the word! They have over three hundred and sixty days to get ready!

Tim Hicks! Next time, if you plan on winning so many events, it would be nice if you could be in attendance at the awards ceremony to receive your winning prizes! Recognition first, food second, okay? (Sorry Tim, they asked me to start the ceremony, and I had not noticed that you had stepped out of the room.)

The Discovery Channel's Daily planet coverage of our event is HERE (Anything Goes)
Our Special THANKS to our event sponsors who donated so many great prizes. The Bicycle Shop, owner Terry Detheridge , Brantford
and Marg at Tim Hortons  155 Lynden Rd , Brantford.

Bob Beechy

President, Human Powered Transportation Association

Race scores                     Slalom -    Place        Elimination      Place    10 Min Lap Race    Place         Overall Place
                                      Best time                       
Pursuit                             Laps                              (combined times)

Tim Hicks                          16.09           1M                                     3M                35                         1                        1 Mens
Jeff Hicks                         17.38           4 M                                      -                 33                        2  T                  
Bob Beechy                       17.32           3 M                                       -                 33                        2 T
Marcel Demore                                    -                                                             31                        3 T
Bert Rufenach                                                                                                        31                        3 T
Tina Kwasniak                  18.02            1W             34.6                  2W             29
Larry Bowden                 -                                                                 2 M             29                       
Mike Channon                -
Richard Dominick
Roger Jubrinville                                                                                               5
Kendra Hicks                20.79              2W                                      1W           27
Al McFarlane                                                        33.42                  1M
Jaro Wajcicky                                       2M
Vince Robinet

Event Pics
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