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Guide to Buy a Fireproof Safe for Home and Office

From a long time, people are buying safes to keep their valuables safe from the hands of the thieves. However, many incidents have proved that the fire is also a major factor for buying safely. Nowadays the majority of the insurance companies insist you buy a fireproof safe for your house. Especially if you have irreplaceable digital media or documents, then you must invest in a good fireproof residential safes. However, the task of choosing the right kind of safe might seem daunting to you. Here are the steps to make the task much easier for you.residential safe

What Kind Of Documents Do You Need To Save?

This is the first question that you need to answer before buying any safes. There are different safes for different purposes. Below are the types of safes that depend on the material that needs saving.

  • Media Storage Safes: If you want to save all the hard drives and memory cards safe from fire, then you need to invest in this kind of residential safe. Cameras, laptops and iPods are very expensive and difficult to replace all at once. Thus, it is considered to be wise for you to invest in a safe that is specifically designed for them. Plus, the data that gets lost in fire or theft is often irreplaceable. Invest in this safe to keep them secure from fire and burglars.
  • Document Fire Safe: This kind of residential safe is specifically designed to keep various documents safe. Important documents such as marriage certificates, educational certificates, bank papers, and wills are best to keep in this type of safe. Some of these types of safes also have spaces which can be used to keep some extra things.

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Check the Level of Fire Protection

While buying a safe, you need to understand that all fire resistant safes do not actually protect your valuables from fire. Before investing in any residential safe, you need to check what level of fire protection does your insurer is asking from you. The doors of most fire-resistant safes built in such a way that in case of fire, the door gets expanded. This expansion provides some kind of protection. However, your insurance company might not be satisfied with the result.

Size of the Safe

You need to check the size of the safe before investing any money on it. Check whether your document can fit in the safe properly before you decide to buy the safe. If you face any doubts about the size, do not hesitate to call the experts for help.

Portable or Permanent

After deciding the size of the safe, you need to think whether you want your safe to be portable or permanently installed. In case of the permanent one, understand that the safe is bolted to the floor or the wall of your home. For the portable ones, check whether they can be carried out of the house by an adult in case of an emergency.

Combination Lock

At the time of chaos, it is natural to lose the key of the safe. Thus, to reduce the hassle, you need to invest in a residential safe which has a combination lock.

Remember that the family security plan involves a good safe which is secure and well concealed.