Human Powered Transportation Association

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Backyard Builders Challenge
July 13, 2003

H.P.T.A members Joe Mitrovic, Les Sutch, Mike Channon, Bob Beechy and local builders Bill Lowe, Richard Dominick, Ernie Crawford and Stan Stokes.

Our goal: Build an Amphibious Human Powered vehicle in six hours.

Our Competition: KD and his San Diego Builders group.

Side view of our plan.  We have tons of ideas!!

Here are some pictures of our builders busy at work!

         Joe Mitrovic and Bob Beechy                            Jay Dixon and Mike Channon
                     work on the bike                                     work on the Pontoon assembly

          Dan Perry of Century Electric                 The rudder and training wheels go on.
works on the Paddlewheel                                                                             


Ready to ride or sail, your HPTA build team.
 Jay Dixon, Aidan Lefebvre, Les Sutch, Joe Mitrovic,
Mike Channon, Bob Beechy and Dan Perry.

                Test ride on land ok.                                             and in the water... YES!!!

For more test pictures click here

We had fun folks.  Next weekend we will take it our for some endurance tests. Once those are done, results will be posted.  Internet polling will determine the winner of the competition.

Many thanks to our sponsors for workspace and "collectables"